The new Ford Fusion commercial OR Sailor Moon is brought to you by Ford

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The new Ford Fusion commercial OR Sailor Moon is brought to you by Ford

Postby freezespell » Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:43 am

8 years ago I made a topic discussing a Ruby Tuesday commercial where the voice of everybody's favorite space cowboy (and TOM) provided an awesome voiceover to a chain of restaurants that I still have yet to give my business to for some reason. Earlier today, I stumbled across a Ford Fusion commercial online, similar to the Speed Racer Geico commercial from several years ago where the animated pitchwomen happened to be Usagi and Luna. I was blown the freak away by what I saw. Unfortunately I was at work so I wasn't able to scream like the weeb in denial that I am when I watched The New Day come out of a giant cereal box and cosplaying as Saiyans at WrestleMania and not make people think I was having a nervous breakdown. :sweat

Here's where you can find it if you haven't watched it already:

As I was starting to make this post, I found out that there was more of them! I can confirm that there is one with Captain Planet, 2 Metal Gear Solid ads, and 2 Dragon Ball Z ads that take this same approach. If I see any of these on television, I will probably be doing the Daniel Bryan "YES!" chant for at least a month straight. That is, if I can find a suitable place where there aren't any people around, because it's gonna feel pretty awkward to explain to random strangers why I'm acting like a complete fool. :P
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