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Video Game music discussion

Postby classicalzawa » Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:43 am

A new thread for talking about that one video game tune stuck in your head or just some awesome videogame OSTs!

Ok, so for current video game music on my mind, I've been all Zelda lately! Let me post some of my favs from Skyward Sword!

Levias boss theme 1:
-I didn't like the boss quite as much, but I spent a lot of time in phase 1 out of a mix of incompetence and enjoying the music!
Goddess' theme:
-how did people figure out this was Zelda's Lullaby backwards without y'know, reversing the song? Like, how did they get a hunch to reverse it in the first place? Anyway, one of my fav Zelda game themes! It's weird because I've never liked Zelda's Lullaby, it's always been my least favorite Ocarina tune, it just sounds boring to me, but man, the Goddess' theme is pretty damn nice!
Eldin Volcano:
-kinda an upbeat volcano there, but I did like the mogmas a lot too! I enjoyed Faron's theme, but not really Lanayru's theme. Also, for the time I realized that Faron=Farore, Eldin=Din, and Lanayru=Nayru, despite these regions appearing in other games, games where Din, Nayru, and Farore are actually mentioned too. Maybe Ordonia threw me off in Twilight Princess.

Ok, some Twilight Princess favs now!
City in the Sky:
-ok, a somewhat creepy dungeon theme. It's a mix between calm and relaxing, and creepy with the voices. I presume the voices make sense in context (I guess they're [spoiler]the voices of the Oocca[/spoiler]) yet are still somehow creepy even in context. It was also my favorite dungeon in the game.
Goron Mines:
-I like how metallic it soudns, it goes perfect with the iron boots
Snowpeak Ruins:
-good for winter time, I also liked how the whole dungeon was a bizarre mansion.

From Windwaker, which I think overall has my fav Zelda music to date.
Boss themes: and
-Tempted to say that Jalhalla is my fav of them music wise, but they're all pretty awesome! Molgera would be my second fav
Outset Island:
-awesome island theme if you ask me, made me wish there was more to do there than piss off pigs.
Dragon Roost Island:
-I've always assumed that the post men just somehow stalk me, moving mail from whatever mailbox they last put it in to the one now nearest me. Why they don't just stop me like the running postman in other games I don't get.

Minish Cap, as my first Zelda game, gets a good amount of love from me
Cloud Tops:
-best hyrule field remix I think! even better than the actual Hyrule field tune in the game. I like the 16 bit one sounding ones the most, so Oracles probably win out here for me, before the music can get higher tech for the GBA era
Boss theme:
-being a handheld, it only gets one main dungeon boss theme. Still, considering that for half of these, you're Minish size, it makes them seem more epic somehow

Ok, so, Zelda reminded me of another awesome game with pretty awesome music, Magi Nation for the GameBoy color. Seriously, most game makers didn't care about making awesome music on the GBC, let alone one that's based on a TCG that didn't do too well. You'd think they'd make the whole game an ad for the TCG, but they made a really great game, you wouldn't even guess it was based on a TCG unless told.
Core battle theme:
-Cores are the one place in the game without encounter sparks. You are rewarded with this awesome tune for your random battles though. In most places, I'd purposely avoid encounter sparks to keep hearing the music
The Cald:
-lethal lava land of the game
Mushroom Farm:
-grows on me the longer it goes
Boss (normal):
-shame the final boss theme sucks. I find boss songs are usually faster paced then normal battle, it's the reverse here
Normal battle:
-even the normal battle theme is pretty boss. It's also the title theme btw

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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby classicalzawa » Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:57 am

Well now I feel like sharing some of my favorite RPG battle themes! Some will be boss, some will be normal, some special, etc. These are the sorts of themes that were stuck in my head long after I turned the game off.
No Pokemon though, I'll save that for another time.

Boss themes:
Skies of Arcadia Boss Theme-I also like how the theme changes based on the boss' remaining health and such. It's just such a cool theme, I love it!
Persona 3: Master of Shadow-this was used during the "full moon" bosses, but man, those could go on forever and I wouldn't care.
Chrono Cross Boss Theme-common boss theme, but man I just loved this so much! But I liked all of the boss music in this game, Miguel's Boss Theme just somehow fit it so well. It makes more sense in context of the game somehow.
Okage's boss theme-the plain battle music was absolute garbage, but the boss theme was more than kickass enough to make up for it.
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Guardian Battle-definitely sounds unique for the DQ series, that's kinda the main thing for me at least.
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time: Boss Theme-I heard there was supposed to be a version of this made for SSBB, but they didn't put it in the game. Shame, it would've been epic. I prefer Superstar Saga more as a game, but they both have pretty amazing music, Rookie and Popple battle theme is also really awesome.

Battle themes
Legend of the Dragoon Battle Theme 2-I liked this one a lot more than the first one. It was the other common battle theme of the game.
Persona 3: Female battle theme-I've never actually played the PSP version, but this song sure as hell makes me want to get the game (even though I've already beaten FES). I do prefer it to the male's common theme, even though that's good too.
Final Fantasy IX's battle theme-part of this was me having actually played FF1 & 2 before FF9 (albeit the GBA version) so this was a tough of awesome nostalgia for me. I know IX isn't exactly the most popular entry in the series, but it, along with 1 & 2: Dawn of Souls are actually the only ones I've really liked.

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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby chrisb » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:19 am

Boss themes:
Skies of Arcadia Boss Theme-I also like how the theme changes based on the boss' remaining health and such. It's just such a cool theme, I love it!

One of my favorites too. The music was perfect in almost every way and it knew how to make each scene and battle come alive.

Miguel's Boss Theme just somehow fit it so well. It makes more sense in context of the game somehow.

Poor Miguel. Another amazing track that just knows how to mess with you.

I guess I'll just put down a general top 10 list:

Nights Journey of Dreams - Final Stage
An OK game with a fantastic finale. This song plays while you fly through fireworks. It's cheesy but very lively and fun.

Baten Kaitos Origins - Final Boss Theme
An emotional and powerful vocal tune. Just blows you away during a rather intense boss fight.

Jet Set Radio - 1st stage

Baten Kaitos - Boss Theme
Crazy electronic gibberish. Epic.

Tales of Legendia - The Birds Chirp, I Sing
Awful game, but the story and soundtrack make playing through the game worth it. Very cinematic.

Super Paper Mario - Memory
Never expected a Mario game to have such a depressing story. The romance theme always manages to screw with my heart.

D2 - Laura's Theme
No one played this amazing game! It managed to be horrifying and touching at the same time. My all time favorite game. The soundtrack was one of the most depressing things I've heard in a video game.

Chrono Trigger - Underwater Palace
"Oh Chrono Trigger, you can't possibly get more epic." *This tune plays* "Touché, Chrono Trigger."

Ecco the Dolphin Defender of the Future - Hanging Water
Zen tribal music. Adventurous and pretty at the same time. The stage itself is very cool, but it is probably the only time I've been honestly pissed while playing a game :lol:

Capcom vs SNK 2 - London Stage
Jazzy and dancey fight tune. I wish more fighters used music like this.

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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby classicalzawa » Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:43 am

Oh man, speaking of Legendia, which I was clearly having trouble just picking one or something, The Man in Red Armor, or a boss theme that is (sadly) used exactly for one boss like a quarter through the game is just so awesome that I can't believe they only used it once.

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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby iwatch2muchanime » Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:35 am

I'm lazy so i don't want to go through a huge list.

However the one song i'd throw in here is

Dream from a shore near another world - Chrono Cross

i love this song.

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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby classicalzawa » Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:50 am

Some non-RPG music that I like time! There are some just great soundtracks that I adore out there that aren't JRPG soundtracks, odd as that may sound!

Klonoa Series-really, the soundtracks are just instant classics, even pieces I dislike out of context I still usually find just fine in context. I actually imported both of the soundtracks for like $40 a piece with shipping, so freakin' worth it! If only the artbooks were cheaper, I'd get them too! Everyone with a Wii should get the remake of the first one, everyone with a PS2 can go grab the second. There are two GBA games which aren't as impressive music or visual wise, but puzzle wise are still fantastic and worth getting!
Cursed Pamela boss fight-pretty much every boss theme is awesome, I don't know how they did it, but they did
The Ruin's Air-I do overall prefer later level themes to earlier ones, but man, the music is another great part of why this game is so infinitely replayable to me despite being so short.
Baladium's Drive (boss theme)
Facade and Blade (boss theme)-I can't tell you who or risk spoilers, but yeah another boss that seems larger than life with an awesome them
Well, that's all I'll say from the first game because I want you to play it, so onto the second game!
Seaway-this is from the first freakin' level of the game and it's already starting off pretty sweet! Most of the levels also have an "indoor theme" so to say, here it is for the first level.
Volk Factory-gotta say the second game played the necessary levels in a platformer more straight, this is kinda the lethal lava level, but it's also and underground factory in a nation in constant civil war. Also has the indoor theme
Sorrow Revives-a later level theme, I've skipped so much of earlier level stuff to make you seek out the soundtrack and game on your own!
Cursed [spoiler]Leorina[/spoiler] boss theme-probably my fav boss theme and it is the song that comes right after that last awesome one!

No More Heroes
ZAKO 1, or 2-7 depending on the level, but they are all fairly awesome, similar, but different, here is ZAKO 7 for comparison if you so wish it
Shinobu 1-she has a second part to her theme that I can't find, but it's also epic
Dark Star-kickass boss theme if you ask me! Final boss theme, and it's awesome!
Now for No More Heroes 2
Matt Helm's boss theme-I also love the cutscene after this in which Travis proves he would be the first one dead in a survival horror movie
The Boys in the Bank The theme that plays during [spoiler]Shinobu's[/spoiler] level in the bank. Easily my favorite level theme in the second game
Philistine and now for the most damn catchy boss theme possibly ever! It only makes an already kickass battle more awesome!
Jasper Batt Jr Fight theme 1 and also fight theme 2 are both equally awesome for totally different sounds, I don't mind hearing these in the car.

Bully-also makes me list of one of the funniest games ever created! Kinda makes me wish I'd gone to a boarding school in some ways, though I doubt it'd actually be that much fun.
Main Theme/Bike theme
Defender of the Castle
Russell in the Hole
School's Out/End Credits

Advance Wars-I just like a lot of the CO's themes here. It often determined who I picked to battle with, except in Grit's case, I hate his theme, but love using him to battle
Jake's theme
Andy's theme-I've never much cared for Max or Sami's themes honestly
Rachel's theme
Colin's theme
Kindle's theme-probably the only bad guy theme that I really liked. I've also learned that she is good to use in vs due to her CO ability
CO Select theme-who'd have thought a select screen could sound so damn interesting?
Tag Power theme

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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby classicalzawa » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:52 pm

Well having just played Ghost Trick, which you should all do if you haven't, this piece towards the end of the game struck me as particularly epic. Enjoy!

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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby beken » Thu May 29, 2014 6:02 am

If you get to the end of the game Portal 2, the credits roll and

10 hours of Still Alive


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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby beken » Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:54 am

Video Games Live - Level 5 comes in CD quality WAV files as well as Master recording FLAC files. So far I have backed Level 3, Level 4 and now Level 5.

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Re: Video Game music discussion

Postby choski2 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:57 am

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