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Re: Official Concert Thread

Postby d.yaro » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:35 pm

The last concert I went to was in Yamagata city. It featured a duo who go by the name of "Garage Chanson Show". The duo is made up of Yamada Koshi and an accordionist with big spiky hair who I know only by his last name...Sato-san. Mr. Sato is a bit of a character. He didn't crack a smile through the first set but was a bit more relaxed during the second set. Music style is similar to the stuff Yamada writes and performs with his backing band Asa no Ru Rou (I've seen that combination at least 6 times). Oh yeah, there was another "entity" on stage...a large skull sculpture with little light bulbs in its eye sockets. Its moniker is "Death Masao"...or something like that. He opens the show, provides a monologue before the second set, and says a few words at the end of the show. A member of the duo provides his voice from an offstage location. His voice is run through some sort of device that makes the speaker sound like he's constantly on helium.

The show was really enjoyable. Sato-san's accordion playing is quite different from the style employed by Tanooka-san who plays for Asa no Ru Rou. Sato-san's style covers not only the rogue gypsy jazz style featured by Asa no Ru Rou but also has elements ranging from bohemian cabaret to rock with a twinkle of punk spirit to it and pretty well everything else in between. Koshi was his usual "shy man with a larger than life stage persona" self.

I had a bit of trouble finding the venue (which has a peculiar name for a bar: Frank Lloyd Wright). The location marked on my iPhone Map app was out of date. I managed to find the place by going back to its Facebook page and checking the address.
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