Unofficial Formula 1 thread 2018

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Unofficial Formula 1 thread 2018

Postby beken » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:31 pm

The 2018 Formula One racing season has begun.

Rule changes:

only 3 engines per team this year.
Halo rollbar (head protection) cockpits.
More tire compounds available, with a new Ultrasoft tire compound. 3 compounds available per race (instead of 2), but they have to use 2 different compounds in a race.

Other significant changes:
McLaren has dropped Honda engines for Renault engines
Torro Rosso has dropped previous year Ferrari engines for Honda engines
Sauber is not Sauber Alfa Romeo using Ferrari engines.

Engines cannot be previous year's engines. Customer teams get the same engines as the manufacturer teams (Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault or Honda).

From early testing and qualifying in Race 1, Mercedes looks like the team to beat yet again.
Red Bull seems to have started the season better than last year's bad start and look to be as fast if not faster than Ferrari.

Honda motors look promising.

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Re: Unofficial Formula 1 thread 2018

Postby beken » Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:22 am

Race 1 in Melbourne Australia started with Hamilton qualifying .6 sec faster than the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen and then Sebastian Vettel. Valteri Bottas had crashed his Mercedes during Q2 so started 15th. The Red Bulls followed with Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. However Daniel Ricciardo was slapped with a 3 place grid penalty for speeding during a red flag. So it seems we will be in for a same old same old season.

The big surprise was the start of the race where the two Haas F1 cars got in front of Max Verstappen at the first and second corners. The two Haas cars showed good pace and were able to keep up with the two top teams. Verstappen in his efforts to pass the Haas lost the tail of his car and had spun out. He rejoined the race behind his teammate but damage was done. The race looked like it was going to be your standard fair F1 procession until lap 25 when the pit stop window started. .... also the commercial breaks, so most of action was not shown live, but as highlights after the fact. :(

The Ferrari of Raikkonen pitted early while hot on the tail of the Hamilton's Mercedes. Hamilton pitted on the next lap to cover the fact that the Ferrari would be faster when it came out and could undercut him in the Pits if he pitted late. Vettel stayed out to roll the dice that something might happen. So he temporarily inherited the lead. The Haas of Kevin Magnussen pitted and when he came back out on the track was told to pull over right away causing a yellow flag and his race was over. Seems his rear right tire was about to fall off. A couple of laps later, Romain Grosjen in his Haas pitted. When emerged from the pits in 4th place, he lost steering and pulled over right away causing a full course virtual yellow flag. At this time, Vettel pitted, got new tires and got back out in front of everybody...crucially .6 sec in front of Hamilton for first place. Also in the same scenario, Alonso in his McLaren pitted and emerged in 5th place.

Also not seen due to commercial breaks, both Honda engines on the Toro Rosso's blew up. This is especially disconcerting for Honda as the 3 engine limit and they will on their 2nd engine after race 1.

In the end, Hamilton's Mercedes was clearly a faster car than the Ferrari, but it was unable to get past Vettel's Ferrari. Fastest lap of the race went to Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull who finished 4th. It appears the Mercedes is fast but struggles for handling grip when following in the wake of another car.

The surprise winner in Melbourne was the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel. Some great defensive driving and a bit of luck.

Mercedes admitted fault for the loss in that their computers miscalculated the gap needed by 3 seconds for Hamilton to stay in front when Vettel emerged from his pitstop.

In the end, it appears the drivers can't just get out there and just race. They need to spend an inordinate time managing tires, fuel consumption, engine temperatures, all issues when following in the turbulance of the car in front of you.

The next track in Bahrain has more opportunity for passing so we shall see if Mercedes does have superior speed again. Red Bull does look fast though.

First blood drawn by Ferrari.

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Re: Unofficial Formula 1 thread 2018

Postby beken » Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:27 am

Race 2 - Bahrain
Ferrari had locked up the two top grid positions, though it was not a sure thing they would win this race as their race pace was not all that good during practices leading up to the race. Hamilton who actually qualified 3rd had a 5 place grid penalty for having a transmission fail and needing it changed.

Pretty boring race overall until the first round of pitstops where the strategies split. Ferrari had anticipated a 2 stop race so Raikkonen and Vettel stopped early for fresh super soft compound tires. Mercedes opted for a one stop strategy. It all went strange when Verstappen ran into Hamilton. Hamilton was able to continue but Verstappen had damaged his car. Then the other Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo, which looked good for a podium position ran into an electrical issue and stopped on the track. This brought out a yellow flag and the two Mercedes got, essentially, a free pit stop for fresh tires that would make it to the end of the race. Raikonnen went in for his second pit stop and Ferrari messed that one up as Raikkonen ended up running over one of his mechanics that had not been able to get the old tire off the back of Raikkonen's car. So the Ferrari was out of the race. Ferrari then changed Vettel's strategy to a one stopper, meaning they were going to gamble that his super soft tires were going to make it to the end of the race. The supersoft tire that should be good for about 20 laps would have to do 37 laps.

Some very fine defensive driving and tire preserving tactics saw Vettel win the race with Bottas hot on his tale while Hamilton did a fine race to recover to 3rd. Biggest surprise of the race was Pierre Gasley taking a Toro Rosso with the Honda engine to 4th place.

Next stop, Shanghai China

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Re: Unofficial Formula 1 thread 2018

Postby beken » Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:19 pm

I have stopped watching because F1 is no longer on my TV Cable package. Not going to pay $55 per month additional to watch F1 racing. I have better things to do with that money.

We are 1/2 way through the season. Mercedes is once again leading with Ferrari close behind and Red Bull a distant 3rd. Then the jam packed midfield.

Force India went into receivership and Lawrence Stroll has bought the team. Which means Lance Stroll will leave McLaren next year. McLaren is current in last place having not scored a point yet this season.

Of dis-interest is we are watching 2 tier racing again this year. The top 3 teams and the rest of the teams. General consensus seems to be Ferrari has a better car than Mercedes this year, but their pit crew is not quite as quick as Mercedes.

However qualifying between Mercedes and Ferrari have been very close, with Red Bull in the mix from time to time, but not consistently enough.

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