Updated Rules of Anime Alley (March 2011)

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Updated Rules of Anime Alley (March 2011)

Postby d.yaro » Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:47 am

Updated rules regarding posts and posting on Anime Alley. If any member has any questions regarding these rules then please feel free to contact a staff member via PM to make your queries.


Alright, this forum is supposed to be a light hearted and fun place to post. The staff plans to keep this place as open and light as possible. However, there are some basic rules that will be adhered to or consequences will follow. Can't just have people running around like chimps throwing their poo after all. These are all going to be basic common sense rules so I trust everyone won't have any problems following them. Hopefully more/stricter rules will not be needed but in the event they are the rules shall be updated to reflect any changes.

1. No personal attacks are to be directed at another individual member. Lively dialogue is encouraged and debates about a given topic are acceptable but they should be conducted civilly. There will be no direct personal attacks or insults being tossed around here. No name calling, bullying, etc. Libellous statements are not tolerated. If you have a problem with someone talk to an admin or moderator privately about it or report the offending post. People don't have to agree but they do need to at least be civil to each other here.

2. No obscene amounts of vulgar language. In all forums keep the profanity and coloured language to a minimum. An occasional curse or expletive is fine but don't make it a habit. So save the sailor speak for when you're on a boat. General rule of thumb is if it's over PG-13 it goes in the 18+ section. We do have younger posters here who do not appreciate it and there is no reason people can't contain it to the appropriate section and not go overboard with it.

3. No racial, sexist, sexual orientation, or gender based derogatory comments. Period. There will be no such hateful insults allowed here at all. This is a place for all kinds of people from all walks of life so bigotry is not welcome here.

4. No spamming the forums. Yes this is a light hearted and open community and most things will be allowed. However, there are limits. Do not post blatantly unintelligent and pointless junk on the forums. And the spam include porn links, telemarketer crap, etc. If it goes to your spam folder on your email then it doesn't belong here either please.

5. No promulgation of personal religious, political or sexual doctrines. This forum is a community forum and not a soapbox. Discussing one's personal religious, political or sexual views within a relevant specific topic thread is welcome but show respect for the views of others when doing so.

6. No "back seat moderating". If you have a problem with a member here or a post by one, or feel offended by something that a member has said or done, then report the post in question. We want the members to be able to work out small differences amongst themselves but problems that go beyond simple misunderstandings or differences of opinions are the domain of staff.

While this last one is not a rule it's highly recommended. Introduce yourself in the OT thread for introductions. Let everyone know who you are so we can all quickly scare you with our collective insanity. :D

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