Updated Problem Report Policy (March 2011)

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Updated Problem Report Policy (March 2011)

Postby d.yaro » Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:42 am

To all members: Please review the following updated problem report policy adopted by the staff. The updated portions are underlined. If any member has questions regarding this policy please feel free to contact a staff member via PM.


Introduction: It was first proposed amongst the AnimeAlley staff in October 2008 to outline a process for addressing issues of misconduct or disruptive activity on this forum. Our sincere hope expressed at that time was that we would not have to subject any member to any disciplinary action. The following disciplinary policy was drawn up to address what would be done if we should find ourselves in that position. The disciplinary policy is an escalating policy outlining what actions staff may take to address deficiencies in a member's conduct and under what conditions. By publishing it here it is available for all members to read and review.

AnimeAlley policy on addressing the following:
1) Infractions of "The Rules"
2) Complaints regarding posts (generated using the "Report" function)
3) Complaints received by PM regarding the disruptive conduct of a member.

An incident report will be recorded and acted upon when an infraction is noted by a staff member, a report is received from a member or complaints received by staff from two or more members via PM. With every incident report the member will be advised via PM that their conduct is under review. If the staff member(s) conclude that the incident report is valid then the following process will be followed: For the first two cases the member will simply receive a warning explaining what the infraction concerns. With the third case and onwards a response to the warning will be solicited from the member before a decision is made on whether or not to penalize. The decision should be communicated to the member as soon as possible.

Incident report review and penalties policy:
1) First case - Reviewed by: a staff member. Penalty: Verbal Warning issued to member.

2) Second case - Reviewed by: a staff members who did not address the first case. Penalty: Written Warning issued to member. Member advised that the next incident report could result in a short term suspension of membership.

3) Third case - Reviewed by: all staff. Penalty: short term (less than one month) suspension of membership accompanied by a message outlining the reason(s) for the suspension. Warning issued to member advising that the next incident report could result in a permanent suspension of membership. Further action upon return of member can include having posts pass through moderation before being cleared for posting.

4) Fourth case - Reviewed by: all staff. Penalty: "Strike three...you're out".

In conclusion: The opening tenet of this forum is it is "supposed to be a light hearted and fun place to post". While the above policy is a touch on the "heavy side", the intent behind it is to demonstrate that all issues will be dealt with under a consistent policy. As said earlier, we're hoping we don't have to subject members to disciplinary action.

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