Your Guide to the AA staff

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Your Guide to the AA staff

Postby Emerje » Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:00 am

Over the years the forum has really matured and we've found it necessary to further define the roles of our staff. No longer are we limiting ourselves to the standard defaults so consider this our official "staff page"!

Tech Staff: Soul Tsukino, Emerje - These are the people in charge of maintaining the well being of the forum on a technical level. If anything breaks or needs adjusting these are the ones to contact.

Moderators: d.yaro (Head Moderator), Pastachan, doug19992000 - These staff members are tasked with enforcing the rules of the Anime Alley and keeping order on the forums. They'll be the ones responding to alerts.

Promoter: Psycho 101 - This person is in charge of promoting the forum to potential members, approving new members, and producing a regular newsletter for our members.

Of course as always you're all free to contact any staff member you're most comfortable with as most issues are discussed among the staff members.

I'd also like to point out that our "Front Page Team" members are not considered staff members so please don't contact them with any issues

Happy posting!

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