The Best is Yet to Come

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The Best is Yet to Come

Postby Rena » Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:59 am

Well, since my years in school are ending pretty soon, I'm polishing up my Senior Project. And one of them has 'best personal writing/classwork' and such. I decided to write my own story from scratch, about "a little girl" who's experienced life.

It's based on a true story, and on a song from the MGS series called 'The Best is Yet to Come'.

Enjoy the story.


The story of a melancholy girl…

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who never really cared much about human interaction. Or at least, she didn’t understand it so well; she always had a hard time making friends back in Kindergarten. As the years pass on by, she grew worse with face-to-face contact, and despite having a smile on her face, she had always lived a very hard life in the small town of New Jersey.

That was 13 years before she moved down south of Florida.

The little girl became a young teenager, and has experienced the beautiful palm trees swaying calmly by the gentle wind, the clear blue skies, and the summer that lasts forever. For the first time, she felt like she was truly in her place. The place called Home. As time passes by during her middle school year, she has made new friends, new faces, and new enemies. Regardless, she wasn’t a little girl anymore. Eventually, she graduated, and advanced in one of her greatest challenges: high school. Or at least, she thought it would be hard to get there. In freshman year, it was an easy start. However, sophomore was the most challenging years the girl had to face. The girl struggled with state tests, people giving her a hard time, and a great deal of stress. And as for Junior, it was becoming easier again for her, until on the very last day, she had to move once again.

Her school life will finally end at the most well-known place in Florida: Orlando.

After all she’s gone through; the girl has finally reached the final level before college years. Everything that has happened to her in Florida was all worth it. She met more new faces than ever before, new friends, and the last of the challenges in high school. Normally, everybody would say that the hardest thing about senior year is applying into the college you want to go into, or apply into any other college in case things go wrong. Another part is getting a scholarship and prepare for your graduation. The little girl is now a responsible, kind adult. Friendships grow stronger, some weaker. Some of the times were the best and some were the worst times. She’s gone through every ounce of life. But there is not only one type of emotion that she never understood, nor did she get to know better.

That emotion is love.

And so her story continues as it draws its final chapter…


Only less than a month left before her story ends, and a new story will begin; the story of the girl’s life in college. She never thought it would end so soon. Remembering everything that’s happened till now, her life has changed a lot; achieving new goals, getting good grades, participating in events for her orchestra, creating projects of her own, doing more stuff to allow the world to know her potential, to know more about her. It’s always a typical life to her, making more friends and end up leaving them again. On the contrary, it’s nothing compared to giving up everything in New Jersey, as they will always remember her, or keep her in contact whenever they wish to speak to her about life or memories of the school life they once lived. All of that will end on the third of June, the day the once little girl will walk on her own two feet, grasping the Diploma she worked so hard to achieve. A shame that she couldn’t at least spend some final days with the friends she made, before she would move back to the first place in Florida where her new life started. Seeing her old friends again made her happy, but is it really worth it when she couldn’t spend her final year with them? Additionally, they’ve changed and moved onto their lives.

Until one day, the girl learns more about the true meaning of love. One of her friends who are wise and experienced once said to her, “Love quite often is a double edged sword; the more you love and deeper you love the worse the hurt can be if you lose. The more wonderful it can be the deeper you fall.”

She never thought it truly meant that way. It was almost different from what everybody else told her in their point-of-view. So many meanings of love it’s almost better if she didn’t get involved at all. But there is one friend that she truly admired and liked as a friend for two years now. The girl reflected upon herself for this warm feeling in her heart. Where does she stand in her feelings for him? Will she have the strength to admit something? Whatever the case, she’s afraid of the outcome. For a while she enjoyed the rare times spent with him; chatting, hanging out, being around him and smile. The girl felt happy, kind and caring towards him, regardless of his appearance or his past. She wanted him to understand her feelings; letting him know that he has someone who will always stand by his side should any situation approaches.

No matter what the consequences are, she told herself that she will face them head on. Sometimes I wonder if the grown-up little girl has what it takes to face a challenge like this. School is no problem, but what will she do the day after graduation?

I believe the little girl realized that she’s not alone, that she shouldn’t give up hope yet. Her friends, her family, the ones she loved dearly, always give her the hope and strength to continue. She shared many moments; happy, sad, angry, every emotion she could think of. Even towards the one person she cared very dearly. I can imagine her walking up to grab her Diploma and head over to college to become a game artist, or a graphic designer. I can see a bright future ahead of her, and perhaps a satisfying love life if possible. Should she be sad due to unrequited love, she will fall by her own melancholy mind for a long time, until her people give her the strength once more as they always have.

I believe that my prediction will be correct. Would you like to know why?


I am that little girl.

And I know…

The best is yet to come.

The End

Comments please. I worked so hard on this writing, even reflect myself upon it. I hope I get a really good grade on this portion.

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