The Alan Moore Thread

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The Alan Moore Thread

Postby Bonham » Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:09 am

Decided to run with it. Originally came from this page of this thread.

Basically discuss the works of Alan Moore. Any and all discussion of his comics, life and views are encouraged.

As for myself (warning: Watchmen and V for Vendetta spoilers to follow, as well as a bit of political opinion)...

Littlewolf wrote:V for Vendetta is far more mature than most of his other works, politically charged or not. The man has crap like everyone else out there. (for example, I thought League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was just trash).

I'd have to borrow it from the library and re-read it, but I'm not sure I'd describe LoEG as "trash." Moore may have become a parody of what he once was (been irrelevent in the comic world since he finished From Hell, honestly), but that doesn't at least keep them from entertaining.

What of Moores works is more politically charged than V? Because I can't think of something that's a bigger jab at politics from him than V for Vendetta. Watchmen, his more known work, was nothing but about the identity crisis of vigilantes mixed with philosophy, with a cold war setting in the background being as politically charged as it got.

Watchmen is the correction for the mistakes and somewhat self-serving fantasy that Moore has in V for Vendetta. Even if the latter concludes on an acknowledgment of anarchy as only a placeholder for the next system, it doesn't really have any nuanced observations pertaining to either political idea the story pits sets up. Few of the characters are convincing as actual human characters (particularly on the fascist side; the only one who is remotely human doesn't even truly buy into the system!), and there's some warped logical justification for certain incidents (instantly recall the outcome out of the torture sequence).

(Of course, this doesn't mean that the movie adaption is a complete failure, and only serves as some mindless, sensational bashing of the Bush administration.)

Watchmen isn't just about "vigilantes with identity crises with philosophy." (Hell, where is the "identity crisis"?) I mean, Jesus, the whole damn book is an indictment of authoritarianism. It directly ties two moral opposites into this.

But while I could wax poetic about how more thought is put into examining multiple examples of the above themes, Watchmen is far more sophisticated than V for Vendetta because it goes beyond crass judgment against the opposing side of the political spectrum. If Moore had maintained the same exact (sub)conscious mindset, then we do not get the distanced attempt at objectivity damning both the left and right for their actions. Hell, I know that my belief systems align far more with Ozymandias, and also greatly dislike the type of thinking that Rorschach represents. I absolutely hate the hypocritical and self-serving values that Reagan and Thatcher brought in. But -- to Moore's surprise, amusingly enough -- Rorschach is the most sympathetic, arguably tragic character in the book, despite his black-and-white, objectivist and potentially world-ending views and actions. Ozymandias, as tragic he is, is just as flawed, if not moreso given the large scope of his actions.

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