So the Tech staff went to AniMaine

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So the Tech staff went to AniMaine

Postby Soul Tsukino » Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:30 pm

Here is the con report of Emerje and I's trip to a brand new Convention held in Maine run by the Anime Defence Project.


The day got started around noon when Emerje and I drove down to the Hotel. We haven't been to the hotel in 6 years and the restaurant that was attached to it lost it's enfranchisement the week before the con. The hotel is small and only had one main events room with two panel rooms and a dealers room. We got in line for registration. It took a little while despite the line being short but once we got registered we went to the main events room to kill some time and watch anime and in the room. We met up with Scott Melzer and got checked into the room before handing over my hard drive so he could give me a ton of fan parodies before we headed down for opening ceremonies and the AniMaine panel as well as checking out the dealers room. After that we enjoyed Scott's panel on Fan Parodies as well as a screening of This is Otakudom. It was then time for animaine @ night featuring a less then decisive rap panel, pie fisting, and full contact musical chairs. We chatted with Scott for a while before heading to our room to crash for the night.

Waiting for the con to Begin: ... %29/01.jpg ... %29/02.jpg

Scott at the fan Parodies panel: ... %29/03.jpg

The rap battle: ... %29/04.jpg

Pie Fisting: ... %29/05.jpg


Saturday started fairly early with our alarm clock being set at the wrong time but we were able to get up and go downstairs for our free breakfast of pancakes. Saturday's schedule was changed a number of times for various reasons but we had things figured out. We went to AniMaine panel with Greg Ayres and we was just a ball of fun about his time in the industry and why he was a big champion of the Anime Defense project and anti bootlegging. Then it was off to Scott's amateur Voice Acting panel where there was maybe 6 of us during the whole thing but it was still fun. After that was a screening of STEAM before going to the Hour with Greg Ayres panel followed by the Great AMV's appreciation panel run by Scott. I ducked out early to get down to the room for my panel. Unfortunatly I was running against the Chibi Project's Bootleg Bomber panel (IE: Drunk Greg Ayres crushing bootlegs with a steamroller) and my room as well as the screening for Fanboy Soze was completely empty. Seeing as my panel was dead I joined EVERYONE else outside for the crushing of bootlegs with the steamroller and hanging around talking with the guests and some of the others before we all headed back to the rooms for the night.

AniMaine panel: ... %29/06.jpg ... %29/07.jpg

Scott's Basics of Voice Acting Panel: ... %29/08.jpg ... %29/09.jpg

An hour with Greg Ayres: ... %29/10.jpg ... %29/11.jpg

The Projector: ... 9/12.5.jpg

AMV appreciation panel: ... %29/12.jpg

The Bootleg Wacker: ... %29/13.jpg ... %29/14.jpg ... %29/15.jpg ... %29/16.jpg

The Room: ... %29/17.jpg


Sunday got going with the alarm not working but was still able to get up. We went down and had our breakfast before packing out stuff up and checking out of the room before we did the two industry panels with David L Williams and Terry Doty. Lots of talk of pantys and pranks. We headed to the main events room where they had an "industry" panel with David Williams (director), Greg (Actor), and Scott (retailer) in a panel about the battle against piracy. As they were setting up the viewing for the auction I went into the dealers room to meet up with the folks who were doing professional cosplay photos for $7 and I had met them the night before as they were going to have the panel after me so when Mine didn't work out I just let them get set up. We went outside and had some photos done and it was a BLAST. We both got really into it and had a lot of fun before coming back into the room and going to the auction. I won the first auction of the day (to my surprise) which was for two EVA wall scrolls (one was bootleg), and I also won an auction for a fleece SOS brigade blanket/wall hanging. After the auction I picked up my photos and saw some of them and was VERY pleased with how they came out. Talked to Greg a little bit before Closing Ceremonies. The con was a success with a lot of money raised for the anime defense fund and we said our goodbyes before heading out to Best Buy (which horrified me with all the empty stolen packages around) where I picked up EVA 2.22 and K-On! 3. We hit the HomeTown Buffet before making a stop at TRU before heading home where I pretty much crashed for the night.

David and Terry: ... %29/18.jpg

the industry panel: ... %29/19.jpg

Me and some guy, I hear he's a voice actor: ... %29/20.jpg ... %29/21.jpg ... %29/22.jpg

Emerje: ... %29/23.jpg

the parking lot as we were leaving: ... %29/24.jpg

My Swag! ... %29/26.jpg ... %29/27.jpg

All in all it was an awesome little con and whole lot of fun!
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Re: So the Tech staff went to AniMaine

Postby Emerje » Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:26 am

Those professional pics came out quite nice. :up

Just wanted to add a few things to his report.

Friday: Scott Melzer, who was a guest of the con, helped us lug our stuff to our hotel room. Even though the guy has been a friend of ours for some ten years now, how many people can say they got a con guest as their bag handler? :lol: The dealer's room doubled as the artist alley and they did a good job fitting everything in there. The vendors were kinda pricey, no good deals on anime or manga. One vendor was selling loose figures for more than I would have paid in box. Artists were pretty nicely priced and there was a good selection of Japanese snacks (however most was made in Taiwan) for fairly decent prices. Got a box of bite sized red bean mochi for $6 and a two pack of mint Pocky for $4 (they also had generic Ramune for $2 which I would buy on Sunday). At one point we watched the first two episodes of Baka and Test with Terri Doty who was the ADR director and did some minor voices.

Saturday: Breakfast was botched several times. The hotel gave us vouchers with a special menu to choose from, both of us went with the two blueberry pancakes with a small juice and coffee (Soul passed on the coffee). However we both wanted a little more, Soul got sausage and I got homefries from the regular menu and we were sure to ask for two checks. Well first they forgot it was two orders of pancakes and only made one between the two of us so they split it and brought us our second pancake late. Then when we got our checks we found they put both vouchers on Soul's (who would use a meal voucher for just sausage??) and charged me full price. :roll: Not sure how you make that kind of mistake, but we got it sorted out. Anyway, I was at the Sentai panel with David Williams and won a copy of Night Raid 1931 complete series for knowing that Hidamari (as in "Hidamari Sketch") means "sunshine". Staring blankly at manga shelves finally pays off. On a side note I've got footage of the steamroller, I'll see about uploading it tomorrow.

Sunday: Not much else to add. I got a two packages of Slayers trading cards and two packages of Naruto cards for $1 each, two packages of Central Park Media sticker cards for .50 cents each and a NERV binder $10 as well as a bottle of cola flavored Ramune for $2. That night at Best Buy I got a DVD copy of the Disapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya for $20. For supper the buffet we like to hit got remodeled, changing from an Old Country Buffet to a Home Town Buffet. I was pretty disappointed. The price is about a $1 more than it used to be, the food didn't change all that much, and there were a lot of things that had me wondering just who was running the place. I had to pick through the silverware trying to find something clean among the spoons, forks, and knives, I take major issue with that. At one point I wanted to try this pineapple juice drink, but what came out of the machine was water. Failing that I tried the ice coffee and it was warm. :roll: For dessert I wanted some ice cream, but between two soft serve machines they only had vanilla and strawberry. I tried the vanilla and I'm convinced someone filled the machine with straight heavy cream instead of Ice cream mix, it was super thick, very hard to remove from the machine nozzle, and had no flavor or sweetness. I probably wont be going back there for a long time.

But the con was a lot of fun and I can't wait to hit it again next year!

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